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The Synergy Energy Efficiency Index (HK) is comprised of four main effects (contributors of changes) towards Energy Efficiency Performance (Details shown in Table 1). They are Structural Effect, Activity, Weather and the Energy Intensity Effect.

Taking Commercial sector as an example, Structural Effect refers to the changes (increase or decrease) in the number of offices, restaurants, retails and others over time. Activity Effect indicates the changes in the floor area. Weather Effect represents the changes in the cooling degree days, while the Energy Intensity Effect refers to the changes in energy consumption per activity (per floor area) in commercial sector.

In order to identify the driving forces of Energy Efficiency Performance, the methodology, Decomposition Analysis is employed to decompose each effect. This methodology is a well proven and sophisticated approach to analyse the energy consumption. For more details, please refer to the Methodology section.

Table 1: Two main components in Decomposition analysis
Sectors Structure Activity Weather Intensity
Residential Mix (%) among HASS, Private, Public No. of households (unit)

No. of Cooling degree days (< 18C)

Energy consumption(TJ) per households

Commercial Mix (%) among office, restaurant, retail and Others Floor Area (square metre) No. of Cooling degree days (< 18C) Energy Consumption (TJ) per square metre
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