Climate Change

The success of Paris climate conference (COP21) held in December 2015 has brought 195 countries to adopt the first-ever universal, legally binding global climate deal. This breakthrough allows countries to set out a global action plan and avoid dangerous climate change by limiting global temperature rise to well below 2°C.

The majority of global Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is energy-related CO2 emissions. To decarbonise power systems and combat climate change while maintaining reliable energy supplies is a key challenge for countries throughout the world.

To combat climate change, it is critical for Hong Kong to formulate a comprehensive energy policy that addresses both Supply and Demand side management of different sectors. Which sector was most responsible for the growth in energy usage and how these drivers contributed to the surge in consumption should be explored through scientific research. However, this kind of information was not made available from either government database or public domain.

Energy Efficiency Index

In response to the increasing end-use energy consumption as well as the Hong Kong SAR Government’s international commitment to reduce energy intensity, Synergy Group Holdings International Ltd believes the development of an Energy Efficiency Index, which examines the underlying causes of change in energy consumption over the last decade in local residential and commercial sectors is essential. SEEI also allows Hong Kong society to observe the trend and keep track of the energy performance of each sector year by year. And hence appropriate effort to reduce energy use could be promoted.

A scientific tool, such as Energy Efficiency Index should be developed to diagnose the symptoms of energy wastage in different sectors. The trend in energy use over the last decade as well as the attitudinal changes in sectoral energy performance (consumption) should be revealed.

The data now available from government sources or public domain only provides a glimpse of the overall picture, i.e. the amount of energy consumption of some sectors each year and up to 2013. Without further analysis on the real drivers and their contributions to energy consumption, Hong Kong will not unearth any room for improvements in terms of energy efficiency.

Synergy Energy Efficiency Index (Hong Kong)

World Green Organisation (WGO) has announced the launch of the Synergy Energy Efficiency Index (Hong Kong) - Residential and Commercial in 2017 (The index). The index is developed in collaboration with the Department of Management Sciences of the City University of Hong Kong, and sponsored by Synergy Group Holdings International Ltd.

The Synergy Energy Efficiency Index (HK) aims to reveal the changes in energy consumption (Energy Efficiency Performance) in two major sectors, including Residential and Commercial. Making use of the latest available data of 2014, the Index has made a comparison on Energy Efficiency Performance to that of 2000, which is used as a base year in specific sector in Hong Kong.

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